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Though our Comenius project is officially over, we are happy to find out that volunteering actions and activism are part of the school life in our EDUGLOCAL schools!

Yesterday, 17th November 2015, the Experimental Lyceum of Mytilene-Lesvos-Greece invited the Social Kitchen “The Other Human” Mytilene within their school yard in order to cook together for the refugees and other people in need.

The 17th November is a very important anniversary for Greece and, especially, for all Greek educational institutes. On this exact day, 42 years ago, there was a student uprising against dictatorship during which many students and other citizens lost their lives. Every year, all schools and universities honour the anniversary and the memory of those people.

We wish to express our congratulations and thanks to the Experimental Lyceum of Mytilene, as well as the Social Kitchen “The Other Human” Mytilene team for this beautiful action implemented on such a special day!

The message and the effect of this common action are truly important!




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