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Students of Istituto Pietro Giordani of Parma go on looking far: no need for special eyes, but just a little bit of “sensibility and helpfulness”. For this, after the workshop with webquest and the volunteering activity which involved the students of one class, all final classes met CSOs on Tuesday 13th October 2015.
Students of classes 5 ^ A, C, F, I, 4 ^ A, F, I, C 3 ^ 2 ^ T – in total 200 boys / girls – met volunteers and ask questions, finding out “What a volunteer does? “,” Who is a volunteer? “,” Why does it spend his/her time in volunteering activities?”.
Students have found that there are several ways of “being volunteer” and that everyone can find the most suited one according to his/her characteristics.
The CSOs Solidarity Forum, Avis provincial Giocamico, We for them, involved pupils inviting them to discover the different opportunities for being helpful, respectful and tolerant in particular towards the most disadvantaged people.

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